COVID-19 Announcement

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While we are still social distancing and keeping our homes safe and clean, we are still running and open for business. We can all still work together and help keep our neighborhoods and counties stay safe during quarantine. Our commitment is to our customers as we continue to stay open and offer our roof services during the global pandemic. 

Integrity Roofing is taking safety precautions for all our customers. All our employees are being tested for any symptoms of COVID-19 before they are allowed to work. Our employees have been released to work without any restrictions.

For our roof repair services, we are sanitizing customers homes with Clorox Pro Bleach. This brand of bleach is a germicidal disinfectant that eliminates 99.9% of viruses and household germs. We disinfect the entire work area before and after completion. This includes bleaching hand rails, steps, porches, sidewalks, doors, any area that we may be in contact with during cleaning and replacing your roof system. We also perform these same procedures for commercial roofing visits.


We ask, if you watch us working, please stay a safe distance for all our safety concerns. If you as a valued customer still have concerns about our services during the pandemic, please call us at your earliest convenience today! Doctors notes are available for customers to review, upon request as we perform roof repairs as needed. We proudly serve Cary, NC; Durham, NC; Apex, NC; Chapel Hill, NC; Raleigh, NC and nearby areas.

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Integrity Roofing & Restoration is committed to helping you get your property back to its natural authenticity with a stronger build. Storm damages and weather conditions are bound to happen, so trust Integrity Roofing & Restoration with your roof repairs.

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Our roofing and storm restoration experts are always available to give you a full inspection and provide a free quote. Write to us or give us a call now, we’re always happy to provide a free consultation and help out with any questions you may ask.

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