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Should You Hire a Professional Roofer or do a DIY Roof Replacement?

It’s time for a roof replacement, and whether it’s to save costs or out of bravado, you’re considering giving it a go yourself.

diy roof replacement vs professional roofing contractor integrity roofing nc

Perhaps you saw a DIY video and thought, “I’ve done harder and more challenging things than a few roof repairs.” Trust us, once you get onto that roof lugging your heavy toolbox and begin to traverse through hundreds of hazardous slopes and ridges – you’ll find that roof replacements are just as they appear, a difficult and complex endeavor best handled by specialists.

Large renovation projects such as roof replacements should never be taken lightly as dangerous and expensive mistakes can occur at any time. Indeed, it’s always better to let trusted professionals get the hard work done right the first time round.

This way you ensure that you’ll get:

  • Quality roof replacement and repair by real experts

  • Access to know-how and a diverse choice of quality materials

  • Professional consultation on planning, budgeting, maintenance, and more

  • Flexible payment plans which meet your needs

  • Peace of mind and personal safety

With all this in mind, let’s dig deeper into the benefits and risks of a DIY roof replacements vs hiring a professional roofing contractor.

When to DIY?

From full and partial roof replacements to major restorations and repairs, hiring professional contractors is always recommended.

This doesn’t mean there aren’t some roofing jobs that can be completed by knowledgeable home or business owners. With proper equipment, some endeavor and a great deal of balance, you can make minor repairs to your property. However, what qualifies as minor repairs will depend on each person’s roofing experience and physical ability.

Is it Always Better to Hire Professionals?

Before you consider a DIY roof replacement, check if your toolbox contains the following: a roofing hammer, pry bars, a roofing shovel, a caulking gun, a framing square, hammer tackers, a power nailer, and a whole lot of shingles.

These are just a few examples of the things you’ll need to begin your roof replacement.

Some other factors to consider are whether or not you’re ready to make judgement calls on your property’s structural integrity, if you’re comfortable with heights, and if you’re ready to lift heavy shingles up and down and ladder for work that will take multiple hours to complete? And perhaps most importantly, do you have adequate safety measures (such as insurance) if things go wrong?

Give yourself a worry-free roof replacement and go with professional roofing services. Get a team of experts equipped with all the necessary tools and access to a selection of materials fit for any budget.

Why Choose Integrity Roofing for your Next Roof Replacement?

At Integrity Roofing, we get the job done quickly and professionally. Our experts work hard to ensure that budgets and timelines are optimized for our client’s convenience. Regardless of the time frame, you can be rest assured every job is completed with great attention to detail. When working with us, you get:

  • A free inspection and/or quote

  • Guaranteed high-quality service and materials at affordable prices

  • Legal licenses and comprehensive expertise to cover all your needs (all-in-one service)

  • Great Warranty and After-Sales Services

  • Specialists in residential and commercial roof replacements

All of Our Services:

  • · Complete Renovation

  • · Roofing Repair

  • · Cleaning

  • · Installation

  • · Siding Repair

  • · Window Repair

  • · Storm Damage Repair

  • · Leak Repair

  • · Gutter Installation

  • · Slate & Time

  • · Wood Shakes

  • · And more!

Bonus Tip!

The best way to maintain your roof is to take care of problems as you soon as you spot them. You can either do this on your own or by calling your area’s most reliable roofing contractors and scheduling a free inspection today!

Schedule a Free Roof Inspection Today!

Over the years, Integrity Roofing has provided comprehensive roof replacement and repair services in North Carolina. Approaching all our business relationships with honesty and integrity have made us a trusted go-to for many homes and businesses.

Please feel free to contact us if you live in one of our service areas for a free inspection or quote, roof replacement, roof repair, slide repair, general cleaning, storm damage restoration, and much more.

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