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Should You Do a Roof Replacement in the Winter?

Some home maintenance tasks are reserved for certain seasons—gutters are scoured in the spring and the fall, and closets are organized during spring cleaning.

These season-specific maintenance tasks include roof maintenance.

The best times for getting your roof repaired are early fall and spring. Since there is no rain and the weather is pleasant, it becomes easier for roofers to work long hours and complete the job quickly.

Your roof needs routine service to maintain the structural integrity of your house.

But if repairs can’t wait, and winters threaten it with water and snow damage, it’s best to get started on repairs and replacement right away.

If you leave the issues unattended, it can be dangerous for the people within the house.

Why Roof Repairs are a Challenge During the Winter

The sleet and ice make it difficult for roofers to work fitfully.

North Carolina winters are snowy, so it takes much longer for shingles to set and sealants to adhere. It’s also a challenge for roofers to work outdoors in the freezing cold.

The cold weather also affects some roofing materials and equipment.

Asphalt shingles become brittle during the winter months, so it gets challenging to work with them. Ice can build up inside nail guns, and equipment may malfunction because of the extreme temperatures.

That’s why it's best to postpone the job until the weather is better.

But if there is extensive damage that threatens the very home you live in, then make sure that you hire an experienced contractor who makes sure that all the nails are driven into the roofing to the depth required.

The most common reason for roof replacement in the winter is leaky roofing. You might not notice these leaks in warmer months, but snow worsens the damage during the winter.

How to Get Your Roof Replaced in the Winter

Get in touch with a professional who is experienced and comfortable with installing new roofs during the winter.

Your contractor should have a larger team working on your roof to cut down the time it takes to do the replacement.

At the same time, it is essential to understand that the progress will be slow because the materials are harder to work with, and the days are short. So keep an eye out on weather forecasts to learn when higher temperatures are expected.

Surprisingly, it can be economical to have your roof replaced during the winter since it’s a slow time for roofing contractors. However, it’s best not to cut costs when it comes to roof replacements.

You need to ensure that your roofing contractor does a high-quality job that lasts for decades to come.

If your roof replacement is an emergency, find a contractor who is comfortable sealing the shingles by hand to prevent them from curling. This entails using roofing cement as a sealant until the shingles can self-seal.

Hand-sealing takes much more time than self-sealing, and you may have to pay extra for the time and effort required.

High-Quality, Timely Roof Replacements in North Carolina

Most professional roofers recommend waiting until the temperature rises just a little bit to prevent encountering these issues. However, emergencies happen, and you might find yourself looking for a roof replacement in winter.

North Carolina’s unforgiving winters can be intimidating when you’re considering a roof replacement.

The highly experienced team at Integrity Roofing and Restoration will mitigate your worries and provide you the best roof replacement services in Raleigh and it's surrounding areas —no matter what time of the year it is.

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