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Top 5 Roofing Trends to be Aware of in 2022

This New Year, embrace new roofing trends to add functionality and style to your home.

Staying up-to-date with the latest trends in roofing and home design can keep your home ahead of the game and ensure that your house is the envy of the neighborhood.

These roofing industry trends can help you find the inspiration to re-invent the look and function of your home when it's time to install or replace your roof.

Let's explore these 2022 roofing ideas in detail:

1. Solar Roofs

Solar roofs are fitted with solar panels to reduce carbon footprint while creating natural electricity. Houses with solar roofs are energy-efficient and help with energy conversion by taking the pressure off the primary power grid.

Unlike before, now builders fit photovoltaic solar shingles to the house roof. That is because they need less space and are more aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, large solar panels required unique stands that distracted from the actual visage of a house.

However, these solar shingles work similarly to traditional solar panels while giving the standard asphalt shingles look. If you own a big house and have a lot of roof space for solar shingles, you can even become energy independent.

2. Cool Roofs

After solar shingles, cool roofs are the next most significant trend of 2022. Cool roofs are made from materials that absorb or reflect solar energy. With this new roof trend, you can keep your home cool in summer and warm and toasty in winters.

First, the builder installs a reflective coating over the present roofing material to build a cool roof. This reflective coating mostly comes in light colors, but your roof builder can customize it to the roof color with your home style and paint theme. The reflective coating comes in a light color to better reflect radiant heat, reducing electricity bills and wear and tear on the air conditioning units.

The biggest perk of a cool roof is reduced utility bills as it manually stabilizes your house's temperature, saving energy costs.

3. Green Roofs

If you live in a flat roof house, it is time for you to follow this trend and renovate your ordinary roof into a green roof. Most commercial buildings have already switched to the green roof system. A green roof hosts a garden on top of the house that effectively uses rainwater to stay healthy.

Moreover, green roof gardens are low maintenance while providing a natural shade in every weather. This trend is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it cuts down your energy bills, provides clean air and free flowers, vegetables, and herbs year-round.

The green roof is similar to a cool roof when it comes to installation, but builders spread vegetation on the roof instead of the reflective coating. So, you need to set up a reliable drainage system before the installation starts.

That's because the green roof requires a comprehensive aeration and drainage system to keep vegetation alive. Unfortunately, if your drain system is terrible, the water can pool into one place and may severely damage it.

Additionally, a green roof must be expertly built to hold the weight of organic vegetation materials and the vegetation itself while quickly draining excess water.

4. Synthetic Roofs

Synthetic roofs are made from multiple compressed materials, either plastic or rubber, and shaped as tiles or shingles. This roof option is environmentally friendly as the materials are sustainable and recyclable. Moreover, as these items are not disposed of like other waste, they have a minimal impact on the planet.

The best part of synthetic roofs is that they are highly durable and come with a 50 years warranty. However, if they are made from high-grade material and installed by a professional, they survive for 100 years. Synthetic roofs are also highly affordable, giving you an inexpensive and environment-friendly roof that is reliable and long-lasting.

5. Metal Roofs

Due to their durability and attractiveness, metal roofs are the new talk of the town. In addition, their lightweight and low-maintenance qualities make them a perfect choice for your home in 2022. Metal roofs are strong and built with sustainable material that lasts for decades.

They give your home the sleek and modern edge that no shingles can achieve. Moreover, they are perfect in all weathers as snow slides right off them, and they leave no room for rainwater to slide through the cracks, leaking in your home.

Ready To Explore New Roofing Options For 2022?

Ready to give your home the new and trendy look of 2022? Then contact professional roof builders today to enjoy all the benefits of the new roof right on time. Remember, following this trend can save you money and maintenance hassles while keeping the environment safe.

Get in touch today to talk to an expert roofer.

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