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Why Choose Integrity Roofing for Tree Removal Services?

Are you looking for tree removal services in Raleigh, NC?  Do you have tree limbs or leaning trees that may damage your roof system during storms or high winds?   Protecting your roofing system from damage and keeping your home safe for you and your family is our top priority.  Integrity Roofing & Restoration is a fully-insured company that offers tree removal services in Raleigh, NC and surrounding communities. Our team is known for our exceptional customer service and professional standards. We offer affordable prices and have the best equipment to ensure that you receive high-quality, efficient and safe tree removal services.

Tree removal may be necessary in order to protect your home.  Trees and tree limbs are one of the most common damages to roof systems.  Pine trees tend to inflict the most damage.  To prevent roof damages from storms and high winds we recommend cutting all limbs a minimum of twelve feet from your home or roof system. Always be attentive to trees leaning toward your home or roof system. Tree limbs usually grow towards the home due to an open area where full sunlight feeds the tree. This causes excessive weight that can be a damaging factor. Integrity Roofing is committed to customer satisfaction and proper tree maintenance. Our team is made up of passionate, hardworking professionals that strive to provide exceptional tree removal services. 


Our tree-removal specialists in Raleigh have the knowledge and experience to provide the best tree removal services for our clients. All of our tree removal services in North Carolina are performed with you in mind. We want you to be happy with the safety and appearance of your property after our work is done!

Integrity Roofing & Restoration is your first choice when it comes to tree removal. We value our customers and strive to exceed all of their expectations.

Raleigh, NC Tree Removal Services

Trees can become a liability due to injury, disease, or safety concerns.  This is especially true here in North Carolina during a hurricane or a tropical storm, when homes are more susceptible to damage from trees.  Integrity's specialists are available to provide safe and efficient tree removal services anywhere in Raleigh and surrounding communities when this happens.

It is best to hire professionals when it comes to tree removal. Tree removal can be hazardous, especially if the tree is exceptionally tall or has many branches. We have the experience and equipment to handle trees of any size. We can take it down, even if the tree is in danger from a storm or has fallen prey to disease or insect infestation.

These signs may indicate it is time to get rid of a tree:

  • You will find heaving soil beneath the canopy and at the trunk's base

  • At the base of the trunk, you will find decay-producing fungi such as mushrooms

  • Chipped bark or peeling bark, cracks in trunk

  • Cavities in the trunk and large scaffold branches

  • The upper crown is adorned with hanging or dead branches

  • Fine twigs with no living buds at the ends of branches

Sometimes, a tree needs to be cut down. Sometimes a tree needs to be removed because of safety concerns, to make way for construction or landscaping, or simply to provide more sunlight to your yard and pool. Integrity Roofing is a top tree removal service in North Carolina. We will evaluate the situation and determine the best method based on the tree's location, condition, and size.

Here are some things to remember before you remove a tree.

  • The tree's size and location

  • Machines such as trucks and chippers can be accessed easily

  • Nearby utilities, structures, etc.

  • The condition of the tree


At Integrity Roofing, we handle coordination with your local municipality so your life is made easy. We also handle scheduling inspections, as well as coordination of other aspects that might pertain to the project, including communication with your insurance company during stressful times. Homeowners simply need to tell us which trees they want removed and we handle the rest. From safely cutting down the trees to grinding the stumps and chipping the branches. We handle everything including the final site cleanup.

Our goal is to complete the project in as smooth and timely a manner as possible. The general lead time for starting projects is around a week or two but we have emergency crews if a faster timeline is needed. Our schedule depends greatly on the project scope and the amount of work currently scheduled as we work on a first-come, first-serve basis. We’re very flexible to work with and our customers are always very pleased with the communication and solutions we provide.

Because most projects are completed in a single day the tree removal will be as stress-free of a process as possible. Again, this varies with the type of project and overall scope of work, but we’ll be able to discuss this with you in advance. Great communication is always a must.

A Local Tree Service in Raleigh

Integrity Roofing & Restoration is your first choice when it comes to tree and tree limbs removal to protect your home and roof systems. We value our customers and strive to meet all of their home safety needs.  Feel free to give us a call at (919) 327-0553!

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