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Our Services

At Integrity Roofing & Restoration, we provide a comprehensive one-stop service for all your roofing and restoration needs. From routine and necessary roof inspections, to large projects such as full-roof replacements – our professionals work hard to provide honest workmanship where customer satisfaction, reasonable prices, and high quality materials are always guaranteed. Homegrown and family-owned, we bring our trusted services to residential and commercial customers throughout North Carolina.

Below you’ll find information on our standard, specialized, and custom services. If you have any questions or inquiries please feel free to get in touch to learn more about what we can offer. Once you’ve identified the service/s you’re interested in, give us a call and we’ll send our experts down to provide you an inspection and quote free-of-charge.

Expert Roofers in North Carolina

We offer roofing and siding repair, replacements, and restoration services for both homes and businesses throughout NC, including Raleigh, Garner, Fayetteville, Greensboro, and Durham.

Our goal is to always provide quality roofing services for your property at fair prices.

If you live in the area and are looking for quality residential and commercial roofing and siding repair– trust your local experts, choose Integrity Roofing & Restoration.

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Residential Roofing & Siding

Our Residential Roofing & Siding services always go beyond to always leave an impression for homeowners. Work with us to ensure the safety of your home and beautify it to your personal tastes.

Our roofers work closely with customers to make sure every detail is met. You’ll be informed of every decision that needs to be made and have access to an extensive choice of materials as well as expert advice each step of the way. When it comes to your next roofing or home improvement project, consider Integrity Roofing & Restoration.

Commercial Roofing & Siding

We provide quality Commercial Roofing & Siding services to schools, hospitals, restaurants, churches, offices, historical restorations and much more - there’s no job we can’t handle.

With a track record for success, extensive experience and an unrivaled work ethic, Integrity Roofing & Restoration is the best choice for your next commercial roofing repair or restoration.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding is inexpensive, easy to install and maintain – making it a great choice for any property. Work with us to design which type and color of vinyl siding will best suit your home or office building. Our team are experts in vinyl siding and have provided specialized services throughout NC for over a decade.

Storm Damage Restoration

Storm damage caused by severe weather conditions can be devastating for your home or business. The repairs involved can be a complex, and costly undertaking. What you’ll need to look for are storm damage restoration services that are capable of restoring your home in a timely and efficient manner.


Gutter Installation and Repair

Gutter systems that are left clogged, in disrepair, or damaged can have a negative impact on your home’s structure. For example, they play an important role in helping to prevent interior flooding and rotting fascia.

Cleaning out your gutters and ensuring they are in the best shape they can be goes a long way to saving you money on larger roofing problems in the long-term. Don’t risk falling off the roof by trying to clean the gutters yourself, leave it to the experts to ensure your gutter installation is up to scratch. When it comes to Gutter Installations and Repair, Integrity Roofing & Restoration is your ideal choice.

All of our Services

  • Full Roof Replacements

  • Complete Renovation

  • Roofing Repair

  • Roof Installation

  • Siding Repair

  • Window Repair

  • Storm Damage Repair

  • Gutter Installation

  • Leak Repair

  • Slate Trim

  • Wood Shakes

  • Customized projects & more!

*If you do not see a service you are looking for please feel free to inquire as we may still be able to provide you with assistance

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Established in 2012, we have since become the go-to roofing service for many neighborhoods throughout North Carolina. With the help from our team here at Integrity Roofing and Restoration, you’ll have a safe home that will also make a good impression on any visitors.

Why Choose Integrity Roofing?

  • Experienced Roofing Experts

  • Family-owned and operated

  • High quality standards for materials and service

If you are looking for professionals who offer comprehensive roofing services that are trusted, safe, efficient, and affordable - then Integrity Roofing and Restoration should be your number one choice.

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