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What Does a Good Roofing Job Look Like?

Without a doubt, roof maintenance and replacement are expensive ventures, but homeowners often can't tell if their roofing contractors did a good job until the new roof is tested to the limits in inclement weather.

Sure, your contractor bought quality materials for the job and paid attention to the smallest details, but you won't be able to tell if they cut corners to save some money, unless you have been in the industry a while.

It is all too common for contractors to rush through a job and compromise on its quality, while many other roofers talk up a great game, but they lack the right skills.

Bad workmanship not only looks bad, but it also results in recurring repairs and structural damage – i.e., what you were looking to avoid in the first place.

So it's vital that you know how to tell a good roofing job from a great one. Carefully examine the design and condition of your new roof by taking into account the following factors:

Roof Uniformity

An evenly-built roof is a clear sign that you have an experienced contractor on your hands. Your roof should look completely uniform once the contractor completes the project – and even throughout the repair.

A skilled contractor also knows that they have to use the same materials through the roofing job, from start to finish. If you see them buying different types and qualities for different stages of the job, they may be trying to save some money and cut corners on the quality.

However, if you notice that your roofline is sagging or that the asphalt shingles are unevenly laid, rethink the quality of your roof repair.

Drip Edge Flashing

Drip edge flashing not only prevents water intake and damage, but it also safeguards your home against pest infestations.

Ideally, your contractor should install drip edge flashing at every corner of your roof.

However, most homeowners aren't able to tell the difference with drip edges (or without) – which is why some contractors might try to deceive you. The only way most people figure out that their missing the drip edge is when they start to have leaks, and by then it's too late to do anything but invest in extensive repairs.

If you have a shingle roof, drip edges on the eaves and the gables are a tell-tale sign that your contractor did an excellent job.

Top Quality Underlayment

Underlayment acts as a second protective barrier to protect your home from moisture and water leaks. For this reason, high-quality underlayment is integral to a long-lasting repair.

Usually, the underlayment isn't visible after project completion, but you will have to stay vigilant during the repair or installation.

Professional roofers will place the underlayment between the shingles and the sheathing of your home. So, if your findings prove your contractor took care of this, consider it a job well done!

Adequate Flashing

An accomplished contractor will install proportionate metal flashing around pipes and chimneys. These areas require both step flashing and counterflashing, which needs to go under the roof shingling.

That said, the flashing used depends on the type of roof. So, if the edges touch walls, your contractor should install kick-out flashing instead of those mentioned above, as this will prevent water intake.

Contractors that reuse flashing from older projects spell trouble. Professional roofing contractors will install not only new flashing but also replace rusty vent pipes with new ones if existing units are faulty.

Roof Replacement Services You Can Depend On

Now that you know what a perfect roof job should look like, are you ready to get started on your roof repair?

Contact Integrity Roofing and Restoration for the best roof replacement services in Garner, North Carolina. Our professional roofers are available throughout the year and we are only a call away!

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