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How Long Does a Roof Replacement Take?

Leaving leaking roofs unattended for too long can be a recipe for disaster. It can be dangerous for the structure of your home as well as those living in it.

But we often ignore a roof replacement because it seems like a considerable expense and a nuisance as you may need to relocate during the service.

However, if you work with the right service providers, the process of roof replacement doesn’t have to be inconvenient. But you’ll probably still want to know how long it will take.

The trouble is that there is no concrete answer to that question as it depends on many different factors, which we'll discuss below:

Roof Size

The bigger the roof, the longer it will take to replace. Small houses of less than 1200 square feet can be completed in a single day, but large homes with curves and ridges more time and better expertise to be re-roofed.

If your house is less than 4,000 square feet with no significant problems to be looked at, the roof replacement should take 3 to 5 days at best.

Type of Roof Material Required

Homeowners mostly require asphalt shingles because these are affordable and long-lasting – and take about 1 to 2 days to be installed on a 1600 sq. ft. roof.

If there are any delays in the re-shingling process, they may be caused by a shortage of the right colors or designs as requested by the client; otherwise, it is a quick and smooth process. There are many styles and colors available in this type of roofing material, but if you want a specific color, you will have to order it exclusively, which takes time.

Other materials such as metal roofs take 2-5 days to install, wood shakes take 2-5 days, and tiles take 5-14 days to install on similar sized roofs.

Roof Decking

If your roof incurred extensive damage, you would require roof decking services.

This decking is like a flat surface that keeps the trusses and joists together under the roof. It works as an extra layer of protection under there. Also, it acts as a weatherproofing material for the underlayment and shingles up top.

So in case the roof decking is damaged, that’ll have to be replaced too, adding to the time it would take to replace the entire roof.

Inclement Weather

When it comes to estimating how long it will take to replace your roof, you need to consider the weather because there’s no predicting it. Roofing goes faster in warm, dry conditions, but the weather in North Carolina doesn’t always co-operate.

Although roof replacement crews do their best to brave through these weather conditions and finish your roof quickly, but your approach should always be safety first.

Long and harsh wet spells can become dangerous for the crew to remain on your roof for a long time. Thus, poor weather can mean your roofing job will take longer.

Order Timely and Reliable Roof Replacement Services

Are you ready to get started on your roof replacement project?

Contact Integrity Roofing and Restoration for the best roof replacement services in Garner, North Carolina. Our expert roofers offer quality services at any time of the year.

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